General Manager: Quantum Research and Systems

Nils is a seasoned multidisciplinary scientist with a flair for physics, engineering, innovation and business. After receiving a PhD from the University of Strathclyde in 2010, Nils joined M Squared Lasers and held several roles since.

During his time as Head of Innovation, Nils played a pivotal role in developing technologies for new and emerging markets. Nils has overseen the development of a variety of new photonics products and laid the foundation for the company’s current effort in commercialising quantum computing and sensing technologies.

At M Squared, Nils is developing our business in Quantum Technologies

In his current role as General Manager of Quantum Research and Systems, Nils is driving the company’s efforts in growing our quantum-specific laser systems, quantum sensors and quantum computers.

In recognition of his efforts, Nils was recently awarded the Dennis Gabor Medal from the Institute of Physics for his work applying physics in an industrial context.


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