M Squared is delighted to be closely involved with the Photonics Days virtual event running online from 05 - 08 October 2020. Berlin Brandenburg is an 'innovation hotspot' for photonics, optics, microsystems and quantum technologies.

Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg will focus on the latest technological developments, manufacturing and testing challenges, and market opportunities globally, and we are delighted to be closely involved with four M Squared representatives speaking at the event.

Whilst the event will welcome a global audience, it's great to be involved with the community so close to our new headquarters located in the Science and Technology Park in Berlin Adlershof. Headed up by Dr Thomas Laurent, M Squared Germany focuses heavily on photonics for the scientific community and industry as well as concentrating on collaborative R&D projects across Europe.

At the event, we hope to echo Photonics Days' ambition to connect with people from different sectors and regions - championing innovation, collaboration and photonics-based value chains.

Our participation in the event is as follows:

Monday 5 October 2020
Session: UA Tech Park & WISTA Berlin-Adlershof High Tech ecosystem
At 18:40 CEST (session starts at 18:00) Dr Thomas Laurent, General Manager & Head of Sales DACH (Germany), will be introducing M Squared. This webinar will focus on the collaboration of the two technology parks in Tucson, Arizona and Berlin-Adlershof covering photonics and the broader high-tech ecosystem.

Wednesday 7 October
Working in Photonics
At 11:10 CEST (session starts at 10:00) Dr Gabrielle Thomas, Innovation Ambassador (Germany), will be giving a presentation covering career advice and career opportunities in photonics. In particular, this session will focus on the career options available after finishing a degree and what it is really like working in industry. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to network 1-on-1 with the presenters.

Wednesday 7 October
OIDA Roadmap Roundtable – Quantum Photonics Requirements
At 16:00 CEST, M Squared's CEO and founder, Dr Graeme Malcolm OBE will be participating in this roundtable discussion; one of a series of online discussions on optical components for quantum technology applications. This event will consider a wide range of applications while focusing on specific optical components such as lasers, detectors, and integrated photonics. The discussion aims to help assess, and revise if necessary, the requirements described in the OIDA Quantum Photonics Roadmap - Every Photon Counts.

Thursday 8 October
Berlin Quantum Technology Symposium
At 17:00 CEST, Quantum Technology Scientist Dr Craig Picken will be giving a talk entitled Laser Systems for Quantum Computing. The symposium starts at 09:00 CEST, and Craig's quantum computing session starts at 16:00. In this symposium, an overview will be given on selected fields of academic and commercial research and include quantum communication, sensing, clocks, and computing as well as highlighting activities within the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

We hope to see you there.

For more information or to sign up, visit the Photonics Days Website .


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